John Alexander McElmurray, human age 21

Update: I haven't had a lot of time to update my portfolio lately, but my latest work has been on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1's first Movie Editor – Movie Moments.

My role was to take the Windows 8.1 app (tablet) and transition it to phone app. I completely redesigned the UI for the small touch form factor (much to the chagrin of the awesome developers I work with :D), created the red lines (design details), took the project through production (bug triage, localization, etc.), and even wrote the code for the first run home page and save UI. I loved working on this app and it was like a microcosm of software development – I wouldn't be where I am today without the experience. It has over 550 reviews in the WP store and many articles were posted online about it.

Here's a demo video, courtesy of WPCentral:

And a few articles.

Onto the bio…

The first time I picked up a 3D program I had the wild dream that I could now create my own worlds, inhabited by the creatures in my head and the avatars of all my friends.

I'm talking full-scale MMORPG. All by myself. I was fifteen.

Needless to say I've become more realistic since then, working on personal game projects of considerably smaller scale – most notably Materia, a player vs. player tower defense game based on the 8 groupings of the periodic table and nullZERO, a closed world zero-gravity first person shooter. More information on both projects can be found in my portfolio.

While art and 3D graphics are my passions, my talents weren't developed formally in school. I'm a self-trained sculptor, modeler, and texture artist, gleaning information from books, the internet, fellow artists on ZBrushCentral, and Gnomon Workshop's videos. I am a CS major at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA and I intern at Microsoft in Seattle over the summers. I'm somewhat of a black sheep, but I value and take pride in my ability to work technically as a Computer Scientist, creatively as a 3D modeler, and professionally as a Program Manager at Microsoft.

I'm going to become an excellent artist and game producer through personal dedication to this art form. Keep this website bookmarked, I promise to deliver both new art and tutorials on my personal pipeline.

If you'd like to view my resume, please click the image below:

PDF version


Digital sculpting subdivision modeling 3D texture painting and mapping retopology computer science writing program specifications and managing projects programming and designing interface prototypes graphic design


Pixologic ZBrush Maxon Cinema 4D Luxology Modo Autodesk Mudbox & Maya Pixelmachine Topogun Adobe Creative Suites (Photoshop Illustrator Premiere Pro) Microsoft Expression Blend .NET/C# programming (Silverlight WPF) Java C