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The Rift is a personal project and game concept that I use to teach myself the features of ZBrush in my free time.

The game features competitive, cooperative role-playing where player decisions control game flow. The Rift is a 2 player game where you and a partner are pitted by the human hegemony against man's ancient adversaries, the Meridians and Sentients.

As you play, your treatment of the other races, whether compassionate or genocidal, will determine the outcome of the story. Player empathy will grant you deeper insight into the back-story from the perspective of the other races while ignorance will grant more propaganda from your human leaders.


Beauty shot

The Meridians are a agricultural race of anthropomorphic primates that live along the Rift that separates the Western and Eastern Edges of this fictional world.

This model is of one of their agricultural workers.

Process Diagram

This model was one of the first ZBrush projects I was happy with. I struggled with joining the model together, as I sculpted the torso, legs, and arms on separate subtools and Dynamesh hadn't been introduced into ZBrush yet. Retopologizing the model into a single subtool and projecting fixed the problem.

The concept was a collaboration with my talented and creative friend Cassie McKown.

The retopologized model was 9700 tris.


Beauty shot

The Sentients are a race of ageless, immortal animated trees. The are secluded in the woods on the Eastern Edge of the country.

Sentients come in many shapes and sizes. They do not have traditional senses and their anatomy is varied. All Sentients have a characteristic leaf over their face. This is a child Sentient.

Process Diagram

The Sprite was the first model I used Dynamesh on, and I immediately fell in love with the feature. Creating the anatomy sketch with ZSpheres, wrapping in an adaptive skin, and sculpting on top with Dynamesh is a perfect character concepting workflow free of topological concerns.

The retopologized model is 7500 tris.


Process Diagram

The Sentient Elder is a much older version of the same race as the Sprite. To show the variation in anatomy of Sentients, I chose to make this creature quadruped and more spindly-legged, similar to a greyhound.

This model was my first test of ZBrush's HD Geometry feature, as he is a much larger scale than any creature I've made before. I haven't finished sculpting him yet. I made extensive use of the ZSketch feature of ZBrush for the proportions.

The Sentient Elder was another collaboration with Cassie McKown.

Personal Work

These are 3D models of several fantasy races that I used to become a better sculptor.

Game Assets, Digital Sculpting