While digital animation is not the part of 3D content creation that I am most interested in, I have experimented with animation in order to better understand the process from a character modeler's point of view.

From my experiences animating, I've learned important topological concerns when creating functioning rigs, what sorts of appendages afford what kinds of motion, and how to better create characters that allow for the exercising of the 12 principles of animation.

My philosophy is that if I'm going to be working with animators, I need to know how they work. These exercises helped me learn what I needed in a fun and creative way.


"Tea Time Turmoil" was completed using a modified Werner Ball rig originally created by Vinny Argentina. I animated the scene in Maya using an environment I modeled in Modo.

The story revolves around Werner, who is interrupted at afternoon tea by a giant wreaking havoc upon his quaint village. After some fancy footwork, Werner was able to defeat the giant and revealed the beast's true nature, an even tinier creature than Werner himself. Werner crushes the troublesome small fry with an ironic squish of his boot.

The focus of the animation was to create a feeling of weight through the shifting motions that the Werner rig afforded so well.


"Uncivil Engineering" was animated in Maya using an environment sculpted in Modo using the Segster character created by Vinny Argentina.

On a fine summer's day, two Segsters approached an out of order bridge. Little did they know that their clever solution to cross the bridge would end in their demise.

The purpose of this exercise was to gain a better understanding of secondary motion through the waving motions of the Segster rig. I had a rendering issue in Maya that made it so that the nail under the construction Segster wouldn't render on several frames.


A lip sync animation I completed using the SCAD Andy Rig.

The scene is from my favourite movie of all time, The Network.

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